Learning To Do Fun Family Things
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Learning To Do Fun Family Things

After our kids started to get a little bit older, I realized that we weren't spending that much time together as a family. Instead of spending extra time at work so that we had more money, we decided to put other things aside and learn to do things as a family. We started doing things like going to parks, visiting exhibits together, and teaching our kids how to do things outside. It was really enjoyable, and within a few short months, we could tell that our efforts were making a difference. This blog is all about learning how to do fun things as a family.


Learning To Do Fun Family Things

  • 3 Tips To Choose A Homecoming Dress That You Can Wear Again

    5 August 2016

    Many people lament the fact that they have spent hundreds (or sometimes even thousands) of dollars on their homecoming dresses, which they fear that they will never be able to wear again. Even though it certainly makes sense that you would want to purchase a nice dress for your big dance, but you may want to choose a style that you can wear again. Luckily, following these three tips can make this easy.

  • 2 Meaningful Ways To Memorialize A Loved One

    1 August 2016

    Has someone you were close with recently passed away? Before your loved one passed, he or she may have requested to be cremated after death instead of buried. Now that the cremation process is complete, you may want to have a special service in memory of your loved one. There are a few things you can do to memorialize this person. 1. Choose a Custom Urn for the Ashes The first step to plan out the memorial service is selecting the right urn for the ashes.

  • Two Tips For Minimizing Interpersonal Drama At Your Loved One's Funeral

    1 August 2016

    Losing a loved one can be very painful. While every person deals with grief differently, some people's coping mechanisms can be disruptive and turn what should be a solemn affair into the raunchiest episode of Jerry Springer ever. If you want to keep the drama at your loved one's funeral to a minimum, here are two tips that may help. Assign Seating If you know in advance that certain family members don't get along or that some people are likely to cause a scene during the proceeding, one thing you can do to minimize the risk of drama occurring is to assign seating.

  • Preparing To Place Your Infant Up For Adoption

    18 April 2016

    If you took a pregnancy test and got a positive result, and you feel you aren't in a place in your life where you can take care of a child, you may have thought about putting the infant up for adoption after its birth. You will want to be completely sure in taking this route, making it necessary to do some research beforehand to help you with your decision. Following is a rundown of what you can expect if you do decide to place your baby for adoption after delivery.